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TEDx Talk Coaching


I believe that everyone has a story worth sharing. Your story is waiting to be told, the world needs your story and only you can tell it. In a time of accelerating digitalisation, hearing original stories, research and opinions, directly from the source is demanded more and more.

My Story

Ten years ago, I was a bad communicator. A friend told me I should work on my communication skills in order to get ahead. It took a long time, a lot of practice and the courage to stand up in front of people before I thought I was ready. It paid off when I was asked to speak at my first TEDx conference in 2013. Today, I’m not just good at speaking in front of a crowd, I actively enjoy it.

My Work

I help people give the TED Talks of their lives. Whether it's a personal story, the science you love, or something else, telling it in the narrative TED style will help you inspire more people. If you have already been invited to speak at a TED or TEDx event we can create an ideal partnership where I share my experience of 2 previous TED Talks, and help you to prepare a talk worth remembering. I you haven’t been invited yet, I suggest you prepare a killer talk and then shop if around to a TEDx conference that is looking for speakers.

The First Lesson

Nothing beats practice. If you don’t put in the time to practice your talk over and over again it will not get better (If you don’t change it between practices, it won’t get better either). One thing I suggest to all my clients is to practice the talk in front of a camera with a timer and no notes. If you’ve written and not memorised it yet you will likely get stuck and that’s good because you might be able to improve it (you may not stop. Finish the talk as best you can. This not only creates openings for new ideas to flow, but also trains you to continue speaking if you ever forget what you prepared). After recording the practice session, take a few notes on what what good and what could be better. Then practice again. Looking at the video is not necessary if the self-reflection is easy. If you have trouble finding parts to keep or improve, watch the video and make notes against that. My most successful clients will iterate through this process at least 20 times and not only substantially improve their talk, but also feel 100% comfortable giving it without notes.

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