Josh Levent

Hi. I'm Josh Levent.

I am a high-level designer, working on concepts, organisations and other systems, to deliver real human value in a sustainable way.

I am CEO and Principal Consultant of Josh Levent LLC, where I help people improve their work for greater impact.

I am also the Curator 18-19 of the Global Shapers Hub Bern, a volunteer organisation where we seek to make a local impact for a better world using cross-sector collaboration.

From June 2016 until September 2018 I was designing solutions for clients as Chief Innovation Officer of Muutu, a technology design studio in Bern, Switzerland. We were also internally developing a virtual retirement home solution to solve the biggest challenges in elderly care today.

I completed my Master in Business Design at Domus Academy, in Milan Italy, a global top 30 Design School.

I also graduated from the world-class Draper University immersive entrepreneurship programme, and completed the Art and Science of Coaching at Erickson College.

I was Head of Marketing for a medium-sized technology services company in Bern, Switzerland from 2012 to 2014.

Prior to that I was the President (CEO) of a large non-profit organisation called AIESEC New Zealand.

I completed my undergraduate studies in International Business and Management at the University of Auckland, New Zealand.



What I spend my days on.


Angel Investments

As an angel investor I put my money in a small number of private startups whose mission I believe in. As of August 2019 I have stakes in: