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TEDx Talk 2016


My second TEDx Talk.

I talk about one of the things I'm most passionate about, which is the human capacity for change.

I also talk about story-telling, what it means to me, and how it defines all of our lives.

I was quite nervous at the beginning of this talk, and I say so in the video. In my experience, that vulnerability is very powerful. It diffuses some of the anxiety, and it also brings the audience onto my side.

In July 2016 I was preparing to give the final presentation for my Masters programme, when one of my colleagues came up to me and thanked me for giving her this tip, about speaking the nervousness out loud. She said it really helped her in the presentation she had just completed. And it reminded me to do it again for my own presentation, which I gave later in the day.

After my presentation, my assessment panel had a few comments. First, one of them complimented that it sounded like a TED Talk, rather than a final presentation (she had no idea that I gave this TED Talk two weeks earlier). Then, a few members on the panel expressed their disbelief that I was actually nervous. The fourth panelist who had been a teacher in the programme, noticed what had really happened: I was nervous at the beginning, and then got comfortable as I lost myself in the stories I told.

Which is exactly what happened in this TED Talk as well. Enjoy.