AirBnB Italy asked us to create a new business idea complementary to their main offering. I led a team of designers to create EOMO, a startup concept that meets the needs of travellers to create an experience worth talking about. By allowing travellers to create and purchase a complete travel package starting with experiences and activities we are able to create a virtual travel agency.

EOMO 01 Title.jpg
EOMO 02 Screens.jpg
EOMO 03 FOMO visual.jpg
EOMO 04 FOMO text.jpg
EOMO 05 EOMO visual.jpg
EOMO 06 EOMO text.jpg
EOMO 07 value flow.jpg
EOMO 08 go to market strategy.jpg
EOMO 09 customers.jpg
EOMO 10 contributors.jpg
EOMO 11 competitors.jpg
EOMO 12 data integration.jpg
EOMO 13 business model canvas.jpg
EOMO 14 value proposition canvas.jpg
EOMO 15 team.jpg