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A podcast for people who want the world to slow down and become more human.

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Episode 4

Searching for His Role in Life: Meet Varun Venugopal Gupta

Varun Venugopal Gupta was born in India into a middle-class family. Growing up, he lived in many cities, was raised a very independent kid and was given a lot of freedom to do what he wanted.

One of the things that makes him deeply human is his constant search for himself, for his role in society. Today he shares his journey so far, he tells us about his love of theatre and explains how he ended up making his own luck and regaining his confidence after quite a disastrous school experience.

On today’s podcast:

  • Being raised very independent

  • His adventurous first day at school

  • Studying 12-13 hours every day from age 14 to 16

  • His first failure, stammering and not being able to fit in

  • How a leadership seminar gave him his confidence back

  • Co-founding a social enterprise focused on employability


Episode 3

On a Journey to Find Meaningful Work: Meet Gemma Milne

Gemma Milne is a British science writer and speaker on innovation and technology. Despite being a high-achiever (or maybe because of it), she struggled to find work that was meaningful to her. This is one of the things that makes her very human.

Another thing that makes her human is her self-awareness around the desire for attention. Other topics we covered in today’s podcast include her wanting to become a dolphin trainer and later astronaut, attending Space School in Houston and working for the advertising giant Ogilvy.

On today’s podcast:

  • Her earliest memories and her fondness for maths

  • Wanting to be an dolphin trainer as a child and later an astronaut

  • Dealing with rejection and overcoming complacency

  • Being bullied for being intelligent and taking revenge by attending Space School

  • Her disappointment with Ogilvy

  • Transitioning to science writing and starting to write a book


Episode 2

Empathy Is the Answer: Meet Business Analyst Mosidi Modise

Today I’m speaking to Mosidi Modise, a South African social entrepreneur and finance intrapreneur at Allan Gray. When I met Mosidi I was immediately calmed by her presence. Her empathy and kindness make her deeply human, as well as her energy and passion to make a difference in the world.

On top of her full-time job at Allan Gray, Mosidi is trying to raise awareness around sexual harassment and help reduce violence and homelessness, as well as prepare people for the fourth industrial revolution.

We talk about her upbringing in the Freestate province of South Africa, and how she ended up running a guesthouse at the tender age of 20. We also spend some time discussing running and nature, passions we both share.

On today’s podcast:

  • Mosidi’s education, avoiding the cool kids and gravitating towards people with positive energy

  • Running a guesthouse, studying marketing at the university and then doing an MBA in entrepreneurship

  • Moving to Cape Town and starting work at Allan Gray

  • Joining the Global Shapers hub and helping marginalised communities

  • Helping create awareness around sexual harassment in South Africa

  • Her efforts to help reduce violence and homelessness


Episode 1

Overcoming Failure: Meet Filmmaker & Entrepreneur Francis Rafal

My first guest is Francis Rafal, an Austrian filmmaker and entrepreneur. When I first met him in May I was struck by his playfulness. This is something that will come across in our conversation today, and what I think makes him deeply human.

The other thing that makes Francis human is his failure. He almost went bankrupt a couple of years ago, after dealing with several financial disasters in his business.

On today’s podcast:

  • Entrepreneurial from a young age

  • Shooting his first video, attending civil service and going to Train the Trainer classes

  • Studying physics and launching his first company

  • First real trouble: going almost bankrupt

  • Receiving support from his network and founding two more businesses

  • Working to make the world less polarized



The podcast for people who want the world to slow down and become more human. Josh Levent creates a space for empathetic connections to people on the other side of the planet through biographical interviews of ordinary people. Take a moment to catch your breath, hit pause on life and curl up on a sofa with Humans in your earbuds. We all need to take a moment to nurture our inner child, heal our wounds and enjoy the real-life stories of others. With his break-out podcast, Josh creates a Gezelligheid (sense of cozy togetherness) for all of us. If you’ve ever felt a sense of sonder (the sudden realisation that every stranger has a life as complex as your own) you’ll find that Humans makes you feel less alone.