Humans with Josh Levent

A podcast for people who want the world to slow down and become more human.

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Episode 1

Overcoming Failure: Meet Filmmaker & Entrepreneur Francis Rafal

My first guest is Francis Rafal, an Austrian filmmaker and entrepreneur. When I first met him in May I was struck by his playfulness. This is something that will come across in our conversation today, and what I think makes him deeply human.

The other thing that makes Francis human is his failure. He almost went bankrupt a couple of years ago, after dealing with several financial disasters in his business.

On today’s podcast:

  • Entrepreneurial from a young age

  • Shooting his first video, attending civil service and going to Train the Trainer classes

  • Studying physics and launching his first company

  • First real trouble: going almost bankrupt

  • Receiving support from his network and founding two more businesses

  • Working to make the world less polarized